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Alma & Primo Staff Training Guide

Resources for LoMC staff training in Alma and Primo.



The purpose of this site is to provide an introduction to our new library management system, Alma (the staff side), and Primo (online catalog). Alma and Primo will replace our current system in May of 2019.

This site will be updated weekly with new training links, timeline updates and other info.

Please start by downloading our handy Alma/Primo Learning List, which will guide you on your training journey.

Most of all -- have fun!

Alma/Primo VE Overview


What is Alma?
Alma is the "back end" of our new library management system. Library staff will work in Alma to perform their jobs.


What is Primo VE?
Primo VE is the "front end" of the system visible to user - the online catalog, search, patron account login, etc. We'll just call it Primo for short.


Alma/Primo Terminology
Alma uses specific terms to describe processes and actions within the system.


When will Alma and Primo go live?
Our scheduled go-live date is May 22, 2019.


Are you excited?
We are super excited and hope you are too! 

Alma & Primo VE Training


When will we get training?
This guide contains links to introductory training - please see the Alma and Primo tabs to get started. use the Alma/Primo Learning List as a guide for your training adventure.

Our formal onsite training workshop is scheduled for April 9-10, 2019, from 0900-1600. An ExLibris trainer will be teaching. Schedules for individual staff members will be available from their supervisor about one week prior.


Is there more online training?
Of course! Explore the Primo - ExLibris Knowledge Center training pages. 


What other kind of training will we get besides the onsite training?
Much of ExLibris' training is online and self-paced. Although the Library Staff will offer in-person group sessions, learning Alma and Primo is much like learning anything else - it's on you. We encourage you to explore, watch as many training videos as you want, download step-by-step tutorials, and practice in the Sandboxes.

The Library Staff will also host Alma/Primo training parties each week until go-live!


What is a Sandbox and how do I get access?
The Library's Alma and Primo Sandboxes are a copies of the current library management system (as of a specific date). It contains our bibliographic data, records, patron records, etc. It's a place to go and explore, practice and play with the system before it goes live.

  • Library Staff will be given access to the Alma Sandbox once a certain level of training is completed. Contact Virtual Branch for more info.
  • You can explore the Primo Sandbox right now. Remember -- it's basic, and does not contain records added to the system after the initial data upload (Feb. 2019). 


Where do I go if I need help or have a question?

  • The Virtual Branch can help - come see us or send an email to our group inbox at
  • You can also explore the Primo - ExLibris Knowledge Base on your own.

Useful Links

ExLibris Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center connects you to:

Where you'll find (more than) everything you want to know about Alma and Primo. 


Primo Sandbox
Public access. The Primo Sandbox is a copy of our online catalog as of a specific date. It should be used for testing and entertainment purposes only. It is basically configured and does not contain bibliographic records added after February 2018

Alma Sandbox
Library Staff only. Contact the Virtual branch for more information. 


Download the Alma/Primo Learning List to help keep track of which training you've taken, and to make sure you've covered everything in basic training.


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