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Alma & Primo Staff Training Guide

Resources for LoMC staff training in Alma and Primo.

Quick Print

Alma has recently added in-browser printing of slips we were previously unable to print directly.

The easiest way to use this feature is to select "Enable quick printing" at your location. This will cause all printable slips to print to the browser print feature immediately.

To enable the new feature:
Enable quick printing

This feature has already been enabled at the circulation desk.

Note: Since it is the browser print feature being used, it will be a little different between Firefox and Chrome. In Firefox, pop-ups may need to be enabled for the Alma website ( In Chrome, the pop-up blocker does not need to be and cannot be changed.

When this option is selected, if a patron returns a book which has a hold or work order on it, a printable version of the slip should open the browser's print function in addition to the overlay message that alerts you that the item is requested.

Also, if you are in other areas of Alma where "Print Slip" is an option, the browser print functionality will automatically open for that slip when you select it.

Coming Up: What happens if you accidentally close the print window before printing? or the "Enable quick printing" was off and you checked in a hold? Are those slips gone? No, you can still use the "Printouts Queue" to retrieve the desired slip. More on the "Printouts Queue" next time.

Ebook Chapters & Book Reviews

A new feature allows for chapters and book reviews to be seen from the Full Display of an ebook record, and for full ebooks to be seen from chapter and book review records. As this feature is new, not all ebooks, chapters, and book reviews are fully connected.

Chapters and Book Reviews from Ebook Record
The number at the end of the link indicates the number of that type of record available. For example, the above image indicates that there are 10 chapters and 1 book review available for this title.

Here is what the page listing the chapters of the book looks like for the above title:
Chapters List

Please see The War of 1812 in the Old Northwest for an example from our own catalog. In our catalog, Post-bellum, Pre-Harlem only has one book review (once duplicates are discounted).

Note: This feature seems to work best with Ebook Central books at the moment, but this feature should expand as more data and connections between records are added to the back-end database.

Patron Notes

There are two ways to add notes to patron records in Alma:

  1. From the Notes tab in the full patron information screen.
  2. In Manage Patron Services, there is an "Edit Notes" link at the bottom of the User Notes box.
    User Notes Box

Adding a Patron Note

Patron Note Pop-Up

  1. Type is purely informational, no special features are associated with any note type.
  2. When the User viewable checkbox is used, the patron will be able to see the note in the "Blocks + Messages" area of Primo when they log into their account.
  3. Things to keep in mind when using the Pop up note checkbox:
    • If you are considering using a patron pop-up note, please consider emailing the patron and/or using the "User viewable" checkbox so it can be seen in Primo, either in addition to or instead of the pop-up note.
    • If the patron has picked up their umbrella, confirmed their email, or otherwise satisfied the need for the pop-up note, delete the pop-up note. Leaving it there only means that the next time the patron is in, they will be asked the same question. Over and over again.
  4. Clear will reset the "Add Note" dialog box: deleting text in the note field, resetting the note type, and clearing any selection of checkboxes.
  5. Add will add the note and leave the "Add Note" dialog box open so that additional notes can be added.
  6. Add and Close will add the note and close the dialog box.

Finding Audiobooks in Alma

The facets in the right column of the results of a repository search (All Titles, Physical Titles, or Physical Items searches) are the quickest way to break down results by format. There are two facets for formats, Material Type and Resource Type.


Material Type is a broad category and Resource Type is more specific.

Audiobooks are listed under the Music Material Type. At our library, audiobooks will be the majority of what is under Music. Our learning languages collection and some service-related notated music also fall under this category.

There are two Resource Types generally associated with audiobooks:

  • Audio nonmusical - Physical (generally CDs)
  • Audio nonmusical - Electronic (generally Playaways)

To catch both CDs and Playaways, it will be easiest to do a search for the title the patron is interested in and then limit the Material Type to Music.

Bonus Information:

  • Interestingly, Launchpads are about half of what falls under the Computer file category and the sewing machines fall under Visual material.
  • We cannot control the category names of those particular filters in Alma. We can control which category they are in, but not what the categories themselves are called.
  • The format is determined purely by the MARC record, not any item or location indicators. We are continuing to work on our MARC records as they came out of WorldCat. For print journals and books, narrowing by location may be more helpful if there are too many results.

Follow up on a previous tip: The * acts as a wildcard only at the end of a character string. As previously mentioned, Ed* will bring up Ed, Eddie, Edith, Edwin, Eddard, etc. However, *win will not bring back any results.

Suppression Icon

If you see the below symbol while searching in Alma, something is suppressed in Primo.

Suppressed Icon

Suppression can happen at the bibliographic level, so the whole title is hidden.

Suppressed Bibliographic Record

Holdings records can also be suppressed.

Suppressed Holdings Record


Things may be suppressed if they are not generally available to patrons (for example, an ILL title is only available to the patron who placed the ILL request, so there is no reason for it to be in the public catalog, where other patrons may see it and think we own it) or if we are doing some form of cleanup or project with the records (as is the case for most of our currently suppressed holdings records).

Bonus Tip: To default to seeing all of the holdings for all bibliographic records, so you do not need to click open every title for which you want to see location and item availability information, use the Expand All option on the results page.

Expand All



Patron Search with "Manage Patron Services"

There are two ways to find patrons on the "Manage Patron Services" screen:

  1. Type a name in the search box on the "Manage Patron Services" screen. This gives you up to 10 suggestions in a drop-down.
    • If there are more than 10 patrons with a name, the suggestion list is seemingly random. Therefore:
      • When looking for more common names, type in both the first and last names. Order does not matter. "John Smith" will bring up the patron name in the suggestion list as well as "Smith, John" will.
  2. Use the list button next to the search box to do a more thorough search for the patron.

List Button Next to Search Box

  • The list button brings up the "Find and Manage Users" screen as a pop-up. (This screen is also available under Admin → Manage Users, but performing a search there will not allow you to check books out to the patron.)

Find and Manage Users Screen

  • Once you have executed the search (suggestions are not made on this screen) and you have the results, you can click anywhere on the line for the patron you want except on the little card next to the name. That only brings up more information about the user.
  • Clicking the line for the patron you want will close the pop-up screen and populate the search box. You may then press Enter or click Go.


Bonus Tip: When using spaces or the Find and Manage Users screen, make sure to use the entire name rather than a shortened nickname. If you are not sure if the patron is listed under a whole name or partial name, use the * wildcard.

  • Example: On the Find and Manage Users screen, or once a space is used after the name in the search box on the Manage Patron Services screen, Ed will only bring up Ed. However, Ed* will bring up Ed, Eddie, Edith, Edwin, Eddard, etc.

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