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Exercise Pacific Challenge X 2021

SCENARIO OVERVIEW: Sumatra Phase II & III Operations

Situation. USINDOPACOM continues to conduct operations in the combined joint operations area (CJOA) Indolaysia under the named OPERATION PACIFIC CHALLENGE. USINDOPACOM exercises control of OPERATION PACIFIC CHALLENGE operations through Combined Task Force-Indolaysia (CTF-IL). Operations are on-going. CTF-IL has effectively defeated Indolaysian (IL) forces on the Malay Peninsula with remnants of the IL 4th Division currently being guarded by US I Corps under the conditions of their surrender agreement. Task Force Singapore (TF-Singapore) has been disestablished and re-embarked for follow on operations.

Mission. USINDOPACOM executes theater campaign plan (TCP) objectives, security cooperation (SC), and combat operations under the OPERATION PACIFIC CHALLENGE campaign and directs Combined Task Force-Indolaysia (CTF-IL) to continue offensive operations to defeat Indolaysian (IL) forces on Sumatra Island IOT open the Strait of Malacca and restore freedom of navigation (FON).

Key Tasks.
(1) Defeat IL forces on Sumatra Island and IL naval forces in the Strait of Malacca.
(2) Develop a plan that prevents further control over the strait by adversary forces and ensures access to all nations under the conditions of international law.

End State. FON in the Strait of Malacca is restored, future threats to control the SLOCs is eliminated, and international maritime traffic is

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