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Archives Branch: Command Chronology Program

Website of the Marine Corps Archives Command Chronology Program.

Section - IV Supporting Documents

Section IV - Supporting Documents Checklist

Both the Narrative Summary and the Sequential Listing of Significant Events are to be amplified by Supporting Documents. Supporting Documents are included to provide clarity, completeness, and to avoid lengthy writing. 


Section IV - Supporting Documents Checklist

This checklist is by no means exhaustive or exclusive but reflects regularly produced documents that record historically significant developments.

  1. After-action reports, unit special reports, and unit peacetime exercise reports

  2. Policy directives; standing operating procedure directives, unit orders, bulletins, and memorandums

  3. Operation and administrative plans and letters of instruction

  4. Journals, messages, and periodic reports of staff sections or subordinate units, including important e-mail traffic

  5. Aviation combat reports

  6. General and special staff studies and estimates

  7. Cruise books, terrain sketches, photographs, maps, copies of combat art, blueprints, and drawings

  8. Field oral history interviews, copies of unit/commander’s web pages and/or logs, and web based or e-mail newsletters

  9. Other documents of historical significance