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Archives Branch, Marine Corps History Division

Our Mission

The mission of the Archives Branch of the Marine Corps History Division is to acquire, preserve, and provide access to primary source materials pertinent to the history of the Marine Corps.  We support the Professional Military Education (PME) requirements of Marine Corps Schools; the Marine Corps worldwide; as well as government and civilian researchers.

Collection Overview


The Archives collects materials in four primary areas:

1. Personal Papers
Personal papers are comprised of, but not limited to, correspondence, memoirs, diaries, scrapbooks, albums, maps, plans, and photographs pertaining to the history of the Marine Corps generated and/or collected by individuals. These collections may contain print and electronic media and primarily enter the collection via donation offers.


2. Command Chronologies
Command chronologies are, according to Marine Corps Order 5750.1H, generated and submitted directly to the Archives Branch by Marine Corps units on a monthly, semi-annual, or annual basis.  Command Chronologies can carry security-related issues, which impact processing, storage, access, reproduction, and disposal.

3. Marine Corps University Materials
Marine Corps University materials are comprised of, but not limited to, student papers, faculty research materials, academic regulations, briefs and syllabi (i.e., materials generated by the attendant Marine Corps Schools).  Student papers are submitted by each school following the conclusion of the academic year; other materials in this category are added to the collection at the discretion of the director or administrator of the school(s).

4. Select Official and Unofficial Marine Corps Unit Materials
Marine Corps records are comprised of records and papers that (1) are not subject to the Federal Records Schedule, (2) have historical value to the Marine Corps and (3) are pertinent to the mission of the Archives. These materials include, but not limited to, studies, reports, albums and scrapbooks documenting activity of units not featured in command chronologies. Such materials enter the collection as transfers directly from Marine Corps units on an irregular basis. These can carry with them security-related issues, which impact processing, access, and reproduction.