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Battle Studies, Country Studies, & Staff Rides

Homepage for MCRL Battle Studies, Country Studies, & Staff Rides guides for EWS, CSC, SAW, and MCWAR.

Staff Rides

"Staff rides represent a unique and persuasive method of conveying the lessons of the past to the present-day Army leadership for current application. Properly conducted, these exercises bring to life, on the very terrain where historic encounters took place, examples, applicable today as in the past, of leadership, tactics and strategy, communications, use of terrain, and, above all, the psychology of men in battle. This historical study, particularly with personal reconnaissance, offers valuable opportunities to develop professional leadership and the capacity for effective use of combined arms on the air-land battlefield."

- U.S. Army Center for Military History

The Staff Rides Research Guide page provides resources for the review of, and preparation for, selected staff rides.

Our Staff Ride pages highlight different tools and resources that will help you prepare for your staff ride.

Both the Library and the Marine Corps History Division will have information you can use.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance tracking an article, book, paper, or other research materials.

The US Army Center for Military History Staff Ride Guide

"The wisdom contained within its pages will provide appropriate guidance for those of us who want to utilize the staff ride to enhance the professionalism of the Army. Our turn-of-the-century staff rides stressed those ''elements still important in battle . . . leadership and the psychology of men in combat.'' The participant in a properly conceived and conducted historical staff ride will be rewarded by an enhanced understanding of those key elements and of the essential fact that battles are not systematic, logical undertakings but rather activities of men with all their frailties and strengths." Forward to The Staff Ride by William Glenn Robertson.

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