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Archives Branch: Command Chronology Program

Website of the Marine Corps Archives Command Chronology Program.

Compliance Process

Compliance Process


Delinquent Command Chronologies

5750.1H provides a 90-day grace period for submission of Command Chronologies to the Archives. Command Chronologies are deemed delinquent if not submitted within the grace period.

The demands of unit life and turnover rate of Unit Historians can cause the writing and forwarding of Command Chronologies to become ever lower in priority or to stop completely. When this happens, Archives staff contacts the Unit Command Historians, Sergeants Major, and/or Executive Officers to remind them to submit their Command Chronology. Often, an initial reminder is all that is needed to reestablish submission. Sometimes repeated reminders have no effect.  

Accountability and responsibility must be enforced. To that end, the Archives has implemented a "3 strike" policy. If after two reminders the Unit has not submitted the Command Chronology, the Archives will seek MCU Chief of Staff intervention. MCU Chief of Staff contacts the delinquent unit's HHQ Chief of Staff with a "3d strike failure to submit letter," requesting compliance assistance. 



5750 Marine Corps Historical Program - Functional Area Checklist

The Command Chronology is a core component of the Marine Corps Historical Program. The Historical Program is designated as one of 34 Critical Or Requiring Evaluation (CORE) Functional Areas. These functional areas shall be the the core of all command inspections. Commanders and Commanding Generals are encouraged to inspect beyond these areas to best honor the needs of their commands. The IGMC will focus UIP and CIP inspections on these core areas.

Common findings that result in functional area and Command failures:

  • Historical Summary Files (HSF) are not being maintained; the Command Chronology is a major component of the HSF
  • Commands are not submitting Command Chronologies in a timely manner
  • Commanders are not signing their Command Chronologies