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Archives Branch: Command Chronology Program

Website of the Marine Corps Archives Command Chronology Program.

Section I - Organization Data

Section I - Organization Data 

Section I - Organizational Data includes the front signature page and basic organizational data of the Unit.

The signature page is structured as standard USMC correspondence consisting of Unit Letterhead, From Line, To line, Via Line, Subject Line, Reference Line, Enclosure Line, Paragraph and Signature Block.

The signature page must be signed. The Commanding Officer’s signature equates his/her affirmation that the content of the Command Chronology is a true account of the command's activities. If not signed by the Commanding Officer, an explanation of non-availability of the Commanding Officer is needed. The signature is a legal requirement.

The organizational data includes the full official Unit Designation, the time period covered, all geographic locations during report period, a listing of principle staff members and subordinate commanders with inclusive dates, and TO&E for both equipment and personnel.


Section I - Organization Data Checklist

  1. Front signature page signed by Commanding Officer

  2. Official Unit Designation

  3. Time period covered

  4. Geographic location(s)

  5. Listing of principle staff members and/or subordinate commanders with inclusive dates

  6. TO&E for both equipment and personnel