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Archives Branch: Command Chronology Program

Website of the Marine Corps Archives Command Chronology Program.

File Naming Conventions

File Naming  Conventions

In order to ensure uniformity and clarity among Command Chronologies, use the following guidance when creating file names for Command Chronologies and Supporting Documents.


SOP Naming Conventions Command Chronology

  1. File names will consist of 3 parts: (1) Command Chronology (2) Unit Name, (3) Date. 

  2. Spaces are used to delimit words, not underscores.

  3. When using a date, state the date using standard as outlined in SECNAV M5216.5.
    Standard is as follows: Day Month Year 1 January 2014.


Examples of Standard Command Chronology File Names

  1. Command Chronology 1st Battalion, 2d Marines 1 April 2015 - 30 September 2015

  2. Command Chronology 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit 1-30 September 2011


SOP Naming Conventions Supporting Documents

  1. File names will consist of 4 parts: (1) Unit Name, (2) Subject, (3) Document Type, and (4) Date. 
    Please note that in some instances the Subject and Document Type will be the same.
    In those instances, omit the redundant step.

  2. Spaces are used to delimit words, not underscores.

  3. When using a date in the file name always state the date using standard format as outlined in
    DON Correspondence Manual SECNAV M5216.5. Standard format structure is as
    follows: Day Month Year 1 January 2014.

  4. Order the elements in a file name in the most appropriate way to retrieve the record.

  5. Avoid using non-alphanumeric characters in file names.


Examples of Supporting Documents File Names

  1. 6th Marine Regiment, Operation Enduring Freedom 13.1, After Action Report, 1 January 2014 - 30 June 2014

  2. Company A, 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, Integrated Training Exercise (ITX), Letter of Instruction 16 June 2014

  3. Marine Forces Reserve (MARFORRES), US Army Exercise Western Accord 14, Planning Brief 2014

  4. Marine Aircraft Group 40 (MAG 40) Operation Enduring Freedom Situation Report 2012

  5. Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Public Affairs Office The Globe Newspaper 21 November 2011