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Archives Branch: Command Chronology Program

Website of the Marine Corps Archives Command Chronology Program.

Submission Guidelines

Submission Process & Timelines

Command Chronologies are to be submitted as either an electronic or hard copy. The guidelines for submission are below. Please consult guidance on the Execution page prior to submitting your Unit's Command Chronology.

Electronic Submission

Electronic submissions are preferred and highly encouraged as the Archives supports maximized use of electronic records management. Electronic copies are to be forwarded via ARL Secure Access File Exchange (SAFE) ARL to

Electronic submission requirements:

  1. Files must be converted to PDF 

  2. Files must be intelligently named (See Electronic File Naming Convention)

  3. Supporting documents are to be submitted as individual files 


Hard Copy Submission 

Mail hard copies to:

Archives Branch

Attn: Command Chronology Coordinator

2044 Broadway Street

Quantico, VA 22134 


Submission Timelines

  • Monthly – Due on 15th of each month, covering activities of previous month. Monthly Command
    Chronologies are required for Units engaged in military operational and/or humanitarian deployments. 

  • Semi-Annually – Semi-annual Command Chronologies cover October - March and April - September,
    and are due within 90 days of the end of the reporting period. The October - March report is due
    NLT 30 June and the April - September report is due NLT 31 December. 

  • Annually – Annual Command Chronologies follow the fiscal calendar (October - September) and
    are due 90 days after the reporting period 31 December.


Confirmation of Receipt 

The Archives provides confirmation of receipts of Command Chronologies via form email to the Units’ Commanding Officer and Staff Historian. Turnaround time for confirmation is within 2 days of receipt and processing of a Command Chronology. These confirmations of receipt are be retained and filed as part of the unit’s Historical Summary File (HSF). The confirmation of receipt provides the most accurate evaluation method to determine timeliness of submission.